Chief Francis F. Egele SAN is Dead


Chief Francis F. Egele SAN, fcArb former Attorney General & commissioner for justice Bayelsa State is dead.

According to report, Chief Egele slumped yesterday, 4th January and died.

He was conferred with the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria, last year and only had his thanksgiving to that effect on Sunday 31st of December, 2017.

Announcing his death, Mr. Ernest Birisibe wrote:

Shocking! We have lost an icon. 
Former Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Bayelsa State;
Became SAN last year
Had his Thanksgiving last Sunday
Slumped yesterday
Died today, 5/1/2018.
Aged 55.
Really sad!

It is hardly unbelievable that less than one week ago, friends were still eulogizing on his attainment of the rank of SAN.

Mr. James Karimo wrote this about him on Facebook on 31st December, 2017:

What a gratifying way to wind down the year 2017. Thanksgiving/Dedication of a legend, Chief Francis F. Egele SAN on his attainment of SAN; Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

In my cultivated habit to attend occasions with a mind set to learn something new. Among few lessons learned today, suffice to share this here. In the words of a Household name; Marcus Macaulay Apoloma Junior recounted decades back: After we go play football, have some drinks and have a nice time and we all get exhausted and go to sleep, but you’ll wake and notice Egele‘s room light is on and when you peep, you see him reading, preparing for a case the next day.

Hmmm, hard work!! determination!!! at display. While average men are asleep, great men are awake, doing the work average men plan to do at dawn and again every celebrated man today has worked tirelessly in the dark, unnoticed with several falls, bruises and pains.

This is a clarion call for young men/women to handwork, determination and remain focused.
Congratulations once again the legend Chief Francis F. Egele SAN.

Chief Egele was aged 55.

This is sad indeed. May his soul rest in peace.

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