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How to Change Name on the Legal Practitioners’ Roll


Supreme Court has a procedure for a change of name to be effected in the roll of legal practitioners.

Below is the step by step procedure:

  1. Apply to the Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court that your change of name be effected in the roll of legal practitioners.
  2. Attach affidavit of change of name.
  3. A photocopy of newspaper publication of the change.
  4. Deed of change of name notarized by a notary public and duly stamped at stamp duties office. (Ensure that your affidavit of change of name and deed of change of name meet the standard required. Preferably have them done in Abuja to avoid extra payment.)

You are required to personally present the above document at the Supreme Court where you will in your own hand, again write your new name on the roll of legal practitioners and sign your new signature.  The Chief Registrar or the schedule officer will cross off the previous name in your presence.

It’s a very solemn exercise.

FINALLY, an official letter shall be issued to you signed by the Registrar of the Supreme Court .

Please Note:

A change of name in the newspaper does not change your name in the roll of legal practitioners.

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