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Disunity in Unity Bar – Time Running Out on Mazi


Mazi Afam Osigwe is a man after my heart. I love him for so many reasons. He is young, handsome, intelligent, enterprising, charismatic. The list is endless.

Mazi is a man you would pray to be on a lift with just in the event of power outage. For as many who have come across him, the goodness of the work of God radiates all over him. My intention is not to promote Mazi, let me get to business.

Mazi is not only a leader at the NBA National, he is also considered as one of those who hold the life wire of his branch, the Unity Bar. The reason why the Abuja Branch of the NBA is referred to as “Unity Bar” is clear to all observers of the Bar. If you don’t know, stay tuned to this blog, you would read about it some day. The Unity Bar has in recent times been in serious administrative crises. The reasons for the crises is as divergent as the factions playing key roles in the crises. I would therefore not attempt an insight into the reason for the crisis.

I have just found out that Mazi intends to lead the Bar, President of the NBA! The right to aspire into a political post is guaranteed by nature. After all, all men are political animals. That is however not the point. The point is, with the lingering crisis in the Unity Bar, would Mazi be well positioned to aspire for National Leadership of the Bar?

A man does not go to the stream for sight seeing when his roof is of fire. The Unity Bar parades the best of Mediators in the country. I can easily mention Chief Obegolu, the President of the Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC), Segun Ogunsanwo (Registrar ICMC), Agada Elachi (who was a former Registrar of ICMC and Chiarman of the Unity Bar), just to mention a few. Mazi can harness the resources of these great mediators to resolve the lingering crisis in the Unity Bar.

If Mazi pursues his political ambition at the National level of the NBA without ensuring the crisis in the Unity Bar is resolved, he would have a tough time convincing people who understand the concept of leadership that he is the best for the job.`

Mazi, time is running out….

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