‘Global Leaders in Law Award Means More Than SAN to Me’


    The 2021 “Global Leaders in law award as legislative drafting lawyer” recipient, Dr. Tonye Clinton Jaja has said that the honour means more to him than the SAN award, which is localised to Nigeria.

    According to him, it is a global award from a panel of peers, who are leaders in the legal profession.

    The elated legislative drafter said: “This is a global award, a recognition from a panel of peers who are leaders in the legal profession (Internationally recognised), using objective criteria and parameters.

    “They come to the conclusion that I am the winner of the 2021 Legislative Drafting and Law Reform lawyer in Nigeria. This is the pinnacle of my career progression in the legal profession in the area of Legislative Drafting and Law Reform.”

    The UK based law firm, LEADERS IN LAW, endowed the award.

    Dr. Jaja is a law lecturer at the National Institute for Legislative Studies, Abuja.

    He holds a PhD in law (Legislative Drafting) degree from the University of London. He was the former Chairman of the Governing Board of the Nigerian Copyright Commission.

    Dr. Jaja is currently the Ag. Head of the Bills and Legislative Drafting Division of the National Institute for Legislative Studies.

    Since 2012, Dr. Jaja has served as the Editor-In-Chief of the International Journal of Legislative Drafting and Law Reform.

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