My Grouse: NBA 2017 Tablet Conference – Lamentations of a New Wig


    Chai, e dey pepper me for body today gaaan?  When will these people learn how these things are done? They have gone again to make decisions that affect us without thinking about us. This is gross insensitivity.

    Ok I join the Young Lawyers Forum to reject in strong terms this conference fee hike, at this present economic situation and with the barrage of issues affecting young lawyers which has not been addressed. These NEC people have gone to Kogi, wined and dined with the Governor, had dinner with the CJ and come out with something so ridiculous and so discriminating. I hope lawyers both old and young will for the sake of young lawyers resist this aberration.

    I have read so many angry posts and submissions and I have now decided to digress. I want to direct my own grouse to just one person, the NBA President, Mr. A. B Mahmoud SAN. I have no issues with the people that he gathered as members of the committee who from all indication have not appreciated the vision he had for this office.

    Mr. President sir, except you want for us to also believe that you are a politicians, may I humbly remind you of the promises you made to young lawyers when you were seeking for our votes.

    Sir, we had the Slogan, “A Brave New Bar” and the “3Rs – P”

    I just want to call your attention to one of the “Rs”  “Representing”. I recall you promised young lawyers wealth creation, career development and mentoring, car loan etc. You indicated that there is a disconnect between the old and the new wigs and you promised to reconnect us.

    Mr. President, you have just taken the first step and it violates all that you promised. Na so you wan take reconnect us na? Whatever you do, please do not join Nigerian politicians and leaders to put the cart before the horse.

    Give account of your promises before taking any step that would further impoverish young lawyers. Here we are, talking about lack of common employment letter from law firms, talking about peanut being paid to lawyers, talking about all the oppressions from the ancestors and you haven’t even done anything about them but allowed yourself to be misled.

    The fact that those people you gathered to yourself can afford to pay any fee for a conference does not mean that you all close your eyes to the inability of the majority to afford same. Whatever plan you have for the young lawyers should be put in place before you begin to raise any standard. Again please do not put the cart before the horse sir.

    As if the brand new tablet you want to give will work well. As if the tablet would be available to everybody. Let me remind you Mr. President sir, it is on record that NBA has not been able to give the good old Jehovah witness bag to all registered conferees in the past without stress,  much less  the task of giving tablet. In fact, I know that during the conference some people will queue for these your tablets until the end of the 5 days self.

    One more thing Mr. President sir, my principal has not paid my 10k monthly salary (peanut, stipend, allowance whatever)  for the months of April and May and he is planning his vacation already can you please epp me to tell him to do the needful?

    We don’t want tablet. We want our welfare considered. Abi who tablet epp?

    My Grouse – venting my frustrations!

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