I was Never Detained Nor Arrested – Alleged Detained Lagos Magistrate Clears the Air


    Earlier this morning, several legal news platforms reported  that a Lagos Magistrate was arrested and detained by an Area Commander in Lagos. DNL Legal and Style in its usual manner of seeking the factual situation on issues like this went in search of the truth.

    The alleged detained Magistrate, Chief Magistrate Court 1 Mushin Mrs Matepo has debunked the news making round and made clarification on what happened.

    According to Mrs. Matepo she was on an official visit to the cell when the Area Commander demanded that his approval should be sort and given before she carried out her duty.

    “… yes something happened but not as bad as it was narrated. I went on the police visit to Mushin and the Area Commander insisted that I must take his approval or permission before I interrogate the suspects in the cell and I explained to him that haven seen his senior officers who led me to the cell that I don’t think I need to see him first. That  I might come back to him after interrogating the suspects if need be, but he insisted that it shouldn’t have gone that way but I put it to him that that is the way I do my job and I need not come and take permission from his office.”

    “I stood my ground that I must conclude my job and his officers are the ones to report to him after I might have finished or if there is any need for me to see him, I will see him.”

    “Though he agitated and shouted but I stood my ground. That was what happened.”

    On what step she took after the encounter, Mrs. Matepo said that on the second day, she made an official report and the Area Commander  was cautioned with an assurance that a formal apology would be tendered.

    In her words, Mrs Matepo stated:

    “That was what happened before the viral news that I was arrested. There was no arrest or detention.”

    “I am fine and I think the High Court is taking proper step on the issue.”



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