Justice Becoming Scarce in Nigerian Judiciary-S/Court Justice


    Justice John Inyang Okoro of the Supreme Court says justice and truth is becoming scarce in the Nigerian judiciary because of corruption.

    He spoke Wednesday in Abuja at a two-day judiciary stakeholders’ summit organized by the Directorate of Anti-Corruption, Rule of Law and Good Governance of the Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria in collaboration with the FCT High Court, with the theme ‘Promoting and Strengthening of the Nigerian Judiciary.’

    Okoro said: “Justice and truth is becoming scarce in our judiciary and it’s bedeviled with the problem of corruption and interference with the federal and or state governments in the judiciary administration. This interference has really hampered a fair trial in the country.”

    According to him, corruption in the judiciary undermines its ability to effectively secure truth and justice in the society.

    He said with more advocacy and awareness, the judiciary would be free from corrupt practices, leading to the enthronement of good governance and the rule of law.

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