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Knocks over LSJSC’s “confidential” list of shortlisted candidates for Lagos bench


The Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian Law Society (NLS) and former Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Ikorodu Branch, Bayo Akinlade has expressed concern over the secrecy in the list of judges recommended for appointment into the Lagos bench, by the Lagos State Judicial Service Commission (LSJSC).

The lawyer, who is the Convener, Fight Against Corruption in the Judiciary (FIACIJ), said letters revealing the shortlisted candidates that were sent only to NBA Branch chairmen “for their eyes only” reflect the lack of transparency in the judicial appointment process in Lagos State.

He said: “We must move from this style of appointments that creates doubts in the minds of the general public as to how those shortlisted candidates made the list in the first place.

“Why must comments be made about only 20 odd names when more than 200 candidates applied to be judges in Lagos State? It is even unfortunate that only NBA Branch Chairmen are privileged to see the shortlist and asked to comment on it.”

He declared that it is time to publish the names of all those who apply to be judges of high and lower courts in newspapers for all to see.

“These judges are accountable to the people and not just to a few people in power or positions of influence.

“We urge the heads of courts and the National Judicial Council (NJC) to review their respective rules and remove all and any conditions that undermine the future of our justice delivery system,” he charged.

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