Kogi CJ Names ICT Centre After Late Justice Ajanah


    The acting Chief Judge of Kogi state, Justice Henry Olusiyi, has named the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) centre of the state Judiciary after the immediate past Chief Judge of the state, late Justice Nasir Ajanah.

    Olusiyi disclosed this at a Valedictory and Special Court Session in honour of deceased and retired Judicial Officers of the state judiciary at the state High Court Complex in Lokoja.

    He said: “The effort is in view of the late jurist’s commitment to the establishment of the centre as part of efforts to digitise and automate the operations of the state judiciary.

    We are doing this to immortalise his name in recognition of his contributions to the administration of Justice in Nigeria and particularly, in Kogi state. The ICT centre was built under his leadership. It was commissioned in 2014 and it contains quite a number of state-of-the-art communication facilities.

    “So, it’s now my great privilege and honour to dedicate this Centre to the service of mankind and to the glory of the almighty God. From now henceforth, the High Court of Justice ICT Centre shall be known and referred to as ‘Honourable Justice Nasir Ajanah (CON) ICT Centre.

    “It is our hope that it will serve as a nucleus for our efforts to automate our Court processes in Kogi state Judiciary.”


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