MURIC: A Nonentity At Law And Lacks The Capacity To Advise Muslim Students On Choice of University


    By Malcolm Omirhobo

    I have read with grave concern the ill advise Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) through Professor Ishaq Akintola to Nigerian Muslim students and their parents to avoid private universities owned by Christians. This advise is nothing but a parochial religious sentiments aimed at fanning the ember of religious intolerance in Nigeria and therefore satanic.

    I don’t see any reason why there should be the provision of a place for worship for Muslim students in Christian owned university because it is more than certain that Christians in Muslim universities will not be afforded a chapel in such institutions . I don’t see how religion has now become part of the curriculum of the universities . Nigerian Muslim parents who have send their children to school outside the shores of Nigeria or have themselves attended schools abroad will agree with me that our illiterate confusionist Professor is talking rubbish and therefore should not be taken serious or listened to because he is to religious bigot with penchant for preaching hatred and disunity amongst Nigerians .

    It is not by force for Muslims to send their children to Christian owned university vice versa . I really don’t know why this illiterate professor is found of fomenting religious crisis through out the country all the time if not only for his selfish interest to rake in funds for himself and his phony organisation under the guise of protecting the interest of Muslims and Islam .

    I don’t see any reason why a Muslim will attend a Christian university and want to insist on wearing Hijab or ask for a praying ground when such courtesy cannot and will not be extended to Christians attending Muslim institutions

    Nigerians must stop listening to prof Akinola and his phony Muric because Muric is nonentity at law. My search at the corporate Affairs Commission reveals that it is not a registered legal entity in Nigeria and so lacks the capacity to advise Nigerians . It is most unfortunate and regrettable that over the years this con artist and his phony organisation have been fooling and taking Nigerians for a ride . While Nigerians are busy fighting themselves over religion prof is cashing out and smiling to the bank .

    The supreme court of Nigeria was not spared as Muric got a judgement in her favour from the supreme court on the use of Hijab in public schools . Just imagine the level of deceit and dishonesty of this devious man .

    What we have at the Corporate Affairs Commission is Murica (Muslim Rights Concern Association) and not Muric ( Muslim Rights Concern) . Nigerians please take note so that you are not misled or defrauded .


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