My Path to The Call – Series 3: A Work in Progress


    Hey friends,

    Before I begin recounting any events that occurred in the past few days or weeks, I want to sincerely Thank God for keeping me here thus far, protecting me and continually guiding me.

    I should probably begin with the way the month of November kicked off, different tragic news coming out left right and centre, I honestly hate the thought of death, it scares me every time although I know it would eventually come not just for myself but for my loved ones. But my prayer is that no untimely death ever occurs among my family and my loved ones and yours too!

    I’m not usually this sober o. It is the fear of death that is humbling me. All the same, we would get to a certain point where we strike a balance with our feelings towards death.

    To my chronicle, So, it’s been basic routine all week – wake up, go for class, come back, sleep, (if there’s evening classes) prepare and go for it and weekend and then repeat.

    So, I had an experience during the whole rinse and repeat. Again, let me say that the experience may not be that much, but it was significant for me because I thought it was going to ‘stain my white’.  Here is the thing, so, I made up my mind to be the best behaved 100L. yes! Not that it mattered, but I just needed to be of my best behaviour, if not for anything, to try to reciprocate the sacrifices of my parents. (It isn’t easy, and I must appreciate that somehow). You can then imagine when I thought I had a close shave with committing a blunder. But as usual, I took away a valuable lesson.

    It was on a Monday, during my leadership studies class. We had just finished our philosophy class in Owolabi Hall (Ok, maybe I should at some point give a small tour of these places, just so you can relate with some of the names and things I mention). We were asked to move to the Amphitheatre Hall for our leadership studies class. Myself and my fellow newbie went to sit down somewhere close, we had barely settled when a big and buff man came from behind and grabbed my colleague’s phone which he was holding, I was also holding mine, but l guess I was lucky he didn’t see it. I didn’t know what that was for. Yes, there is maximum security, and you get to bump into these men every here and there but this one, I couldn’t place what the issue was. We tried explaining to him that we weren’t using the phone, just with the assumption that using the phone was the offence we had committed but he didn’t listen to us. We weren’t particularly sure who the man was self. He was not the lecturer, but he then went round seizing people’s phones if he saw it. I felt relieved for once because whatever it was, I wasn’t directly involved and because it wasn’t only my friend.

    After the lecture I obviously joined my colleague in search of the mystery man that came on a phone seizing adventure. Long story short, we eventually retrieved the phone from the lecturer. Perhaps he came to enforce discipline on the lecturer’s instruction or maybe he was just an overzealous security man.  The important thing is that I was glad my white was not stained with that singular incident.

    On Thursday the 10th of November was Prof Smaranda Olarinde’s Annual Lecture. Prof. Olarinde is our Vice Chancellor and a lawyer herself. This lecture is organised by the Law Student Society (LSS). It is a law students event but had in attendance prominent persons, including our Founder. The high point of the event for me though, was the keynote speech delivered by an ex-student Mr. Mobolaji Oriola, a young lawyer who graduated from ABUAD five years ago. He is the founding partner of Allen and brooks. I found his speech very inspiring; he spoke about the struggles he faced upon getting admission to study law in the University. He also spoke of the challenges he faced while trying to start up his law firm, particularly with people telling him he was too young and that he won’t succeed. He not only shunned all forms of negativity but was determined. He also spoke to us on the importance of internships and how it will give you valued experience. All in all, I enjoyed his speech, and it gave me so much motivation towards my future ambition.

    Expectedly, I later went online to do more research on him. I found out that  in addition to being one of those to watch out for in the law profession, I also found out that he was the Founder of the LSS ABUAD chapter and created some of the  society’s social media handles. Looking up to people such as him for inspiration is one of my goals, I think what made me so interested in his person was the fact that he was young and he had achieved so much.

    Finally, I think it’s fair to say I have fully acquainted myself to the norms and activities of the school, by this I mean I now know when to wake up, when my lectures begin, when I have free time, what to do with my free time, what and how I’ll eat everyday e.t.c  which more or less justifies my title “A work in progress” but in summary I have enough intuition concerning the things I should do and things I shouldn’t if I must succeed as an ABUAD law student.

    Dear learning colleagues, don’t forget, your only goal at present is to make the best of these period and do yourself and your parents proud.

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