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Olumide Babalola Releases New Book – Annotated Nigeria Data Protection Act 2023


Olumide Babalola’s releases new book – “Annotated Nigeria Data Protection Act 2023”

The 5th day of December 2023 marks a significant milestone in the field of data protection law in Nigeria as the highly anticipated book, “Annotated Nigeria Data Protection Act 2023,” co-authored by distinguished legal scholars Olumide Babalola and Paolo Balboni, was officially released. The book provides an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the newly enacted Nigeria Data Protection Act 2023, offering invaluable insights from both Nigerian and European perspectives.

Annotated Nigeria Data Protection Act 2023″ is a ground-breaking academic resource, offering a meticulous examination of all sixty-five sections of the newly enacted Nigeria Data Protection Act 2023. The authors bring a unique blend of Nigerian and European perspectives, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the legislative landscape.

The book provides a detailed breakdown of each section of the Nigeria Data Protection Act, offering clarity and insights into its implications. By examining the legislation from both Nigerian and European perspectives, the authors shed light on the global relevance and impact of the Act.
Practical Applications: The book goes beyond theory, providing practical applications and real-world scenarios to guide professionals, academics, and practitioners in navigating the complexities of data protection.

The book is a result of the authors’ commitment to providing a comprehensive resource for understanding the Nigeria Data Protection Act. They aim to bridge the gap between legal theory and practical application, offering a valuable tool for anyone navigating the evolving landscape of data protection in Nigeria. In an era of rapid technological advancements and increasing concerns about privacy, the ‘Annotated Nigeria Data Protection Act 2023’ serves as a beacon for legal professionals, scholars, and policymakers seeking a nuanced understanding of data protection laws.

The Co-Authors:
Olumide Babalola – a prominent Nigerian privacy lawyer, currently holds teaching positions at the University of Portsmouth and the University of Manchester. With a wealth of experience in privacy law, Babalola has been a driving force in shaping the discourse around data protection in Nigeria. Paolo Balboni – renowned for his expertise in privacy law, Professor Balboni serves as a professor of privacy at the European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity, Maastricht University, Netherlands. His international perspective and academic contributions have significantly influenced the development of privacy regulations.

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