Oyo State Judiciary Launches Electronic Affidavit and Probate Services


    The Oyo State Chief Judge, Justice Munta Abimbola, on Thursday unveiled a one-stop-solution to the challenges of justice delivery in the state.

    Launching the OyoComis,  Abimbola, said the judiciary has evolved to contend with realities of the era by embracing technology and rule amendments that allow for quick dispensation of justice and justice delivery that can stand up to scrutiny by fulfilling the tripod of justice delivery.

    ”During this COVID-19 era, there is need to have some judicial processes made more accessible to stakeholders,” he said.

    He said the Oyo State judiciary in collaboration with Cinfores LTD, launched the electronic affidavit and probate to facilitate ease of access to some aspects of the judicial process.

    “Other processes will be added to the website as the need arises,” he said.

    The Oyo CJ emphasised that the only approved channels to swear affidavits in the state judiciary would be online, via the website and in the registry of the High Court and Magistrate courts.

    “The judiciary does not make use of agents or touts for affidavits, out of the above stated approved channels. “Anybody who patronises them does so at his own risk.

    “I enjoin my learned brothers at the bar and other members of the public to join hands with the Oyo State judiciary to make this initiative a success,” he said.

    Also, the Cinfores LTD Consultant, Mr Afeniforo Ayodele urged citizens to embrace the initiative because the world is in the digital age.

    “The beauty of it is that if you have a smart phone you can get your job done wherever you are, without necessarily going to the court,” he said.



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