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Poetic Side: Invocation of Themis – Bolaji Ramos


Lady Themis
Upon the floors of Equity
Bearer of the sword and the scales of fairness
Wearer of the blind, the fold and the blindfold
Mother of morals and the laws of Divinity,
Do give hear and hearken to my succour call.

Times have since changed,
And lawbreakers have now advanced
Robbin Hoods no longer use swords
Bows, arrows and aching words
But the A’s, the K’s, the 47’s and the AK47s.
That can transit multitudes to their seven heavens.
Pirates now wrestle with their guns in hand,
Not with daggers, with knives or some wand.

So, rise, Mother Themis from thy Delphic abode
Out of your anti, your quity and your antiquity
Through the Olym, the pus and the Olympus
Down to these presents and our modern age—
Not with thy sword, thy scales and thy blindfold.
But with thy blindfold, thy scales and a pump rifle
For justice administration as of this day today
Demands something faster than objects of yesterday.

–Bolaji Ramos, Esq.

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