Our Unity Must Be Emancipatory – Angela Uyi


    My fellow Angry, Vexed and Frustrated Nigerians,

    Your struggles for a better tomorrow doesn’t define who you are; you define what and how you want your tomorrow to become by using today to correct the failures of yesterday.

    Tomorrow will be so happy if today will be brave and courageous to defeat the backwardness yesterday have placed on today.

    You are what you make out of yourself.  You are the total outcome of what you choose to accept from the leaders. You are what you are today because you think eternal docility would make you to be where you were destined to be by being the tools used by these same criminal politicians to loot the people’s Commonwealth.

    Nobody was born to be poor.

    No, there was no heavenly will to poverty and enslavement.
    Today, we have to equally castoff any notion that we as a people are ordained to remain poor.

    We have a right to affluence. We are proficient of it and eligible of it.  We must exterminate this poverty mentality, liberating ourselves from this poverty consciousness.

    We must never accept any perception that the kind of pecuniary results which have been achieved by high-performing people in the country are beyond us. They are not. They are not better than us but they are greedier and corrupt in diverting what is for the people for their personal use more reason why we must not be the tools used for their selfish enrichment.

    Things will not change unless the people are ready to change and give physical confrontation to these set of criminal leadership.

    It pains me that the people are not ready to use their today to fight for a better tomorrow.  The few that are ready to lead the physical confrontation of political criminal in governance are not getting the support from the people. We called on the people, we organized and we organized but the people were not ready.

    We were near victory but the people who waited to be paid to fight for their rights gave up on us.
    We were all by ourselves struggling and in valiant, we became angrier on the perpetual criminality in governance and our optimism to win on behalf of the people was greater than their criminality because we know that poverty is not in our DNA. Do not let the wish of criminal leadership prevail over you. You too can lead.

    We are ready to fight for national rebirth but the people are not ready to confront the demons that have become so protuberant in the political structure.

    The people are not ready to unshackle themselves from everlasting docility and hopelessness.

    Like my senior Comrade Retson would say “We the people must fight to become “The Real Deal” to help in moving our Nation Onward. That Desire Must Drive our Mental Reawakening, So that the Great Nigeria we seek can be a Possibility in This Lifetime.”

    We still need genuine Activists and we still need very angry, very vexed and extremely frustrated citizenry to organize, agitate, and challenge injustice with movements for real change.

    The fight against corruption, demand for transparency and accountability in governance is patriotic. The leaders are accountable to the people and its high time the people starts exercising such powers in the country and demand for massive youths Sustainable Employment and Empowerment.

    If Nigeria fails today we will be blame because of our collective failures to convert historical transformations. Some of us remain so loyally affixed to the discourses that we want Awolowo to resurrect and fight for us. We still wished Obasanjo is the President even MKO Abiola would have made the best president but these people are no more alive except Ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo who will never smell presidential seat.

    We are afraid of the present because we think the future is not certain and we are calling upon yesterday to be the solution of today. How convenient?

    Wake up!

    Wake up Nigerians!
    We must wake up and fight together for a vision of an inclusive community founded on justice,  fairness and equality;  the  provision  of  education,  health  care,  and housing; and the abolition of the force the Nigerian Police are using to intimidate innocent citizens especially activists and revolutionists.

    We must be united in anger and hunger and demand a total End to extreme poverty. Fight inequality and injustice. Fix climate change. We must begin to demand for world-changing objectives that will require cooperation among state government that will bring positive change in the life of the masses. It seems impossible that the average person can make an impact. Should you just give up?

    The new vision we are requesting will not be won by mocking those who are trying or by our sentimental denunciation; such a vision of collective freedom requires a draconian conception of community. It’s one thing to come together in parks and public squares, in streets and occupy. It is another thing to stay together and remake our relationships with one another.  “Our unity must be emancipatory”.  “It cannot be naive and despotic.” In other words, freedom is a process of becoming, of being able to see and understand differences within unity, and resisting the propensity to replicate the pyramids entrenched in the world we want to change.”

    We must not be easily manipulated by the enemies we fight. The politicians are desperate and can give anything for us to betray the people we are fighting for.
    Integrity must be our motto. We must be Drive      n by hunger and the Anger against audacious impunity and Political Criminality; The Sustain Poverty of our Collective Humanity.
    “Our unity must be complex,”
    To drive this radical conception of community like my senior comrade Retson .A. Tedheke would always say “We Would Need The Total Commitment of The Hausas; The Educational Intelligence of The Yorubas, The Management Intensity of The Ibos, The Guts and the Bravado of The Niger Deltans; The Connecting Capacity of The Middle Belters, The Warrior Spirit of Legendary Nigerian Heros and The Resilence of the average Nigerians.”

    When we are united, we can build the tomorrow that we seek from yesterday and we will not be asking yesterday to determine what our today should be like.
    We must accept the past struggles as a source of inspiration impelling us to dexterity innovative approaches to present-day problems; we habitually substitute historical consciousness with a despairing wistfulness, allowing the past to become a depository for present political desires. We allow the present to be held captive by the past.

    We have made the past our area of residence instead of our area of reference.

    Wake up Nigerians!

    Think Nigerians!

    It is time to think ahead of today and build a society we will be so proud of telling the future generation that after all, we were not among those who were inert and irresponsible.
    We never allowed the greedy few to place us in the state of zombie idiocy.

    Think, be very angry and be ready to Fight.
    Freedom is a constant struggle and our Aluta is Eternal.

    Angela is a Sociopolitical analyst, Writer, Public affairs analyst and  Social Justice Activist. She can be reached on stachysross@gmail.com

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