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Wasiu Alowonle’s Mishap – Where Lies the Liability


On the 6th of December, 2017 news of the death of one Wasiu Alowonle flooded the media (particularly the Social Media). Wasiu Alowonle was reported to have jumped from the third floor of Samuel Ilori Courthouse (Magistrate Court Ogba) where he was being tried before Magistrate O. A. Raji for stealing doors worth N80,000.

The reasons for the actions of Wasiu remains a mirage. Those reasons may not be specifically determined because only Wasiu would know the reasons for his actions. May his soul find favour with his Creator.

I however feel the action of Wasiu should be a clarion call to all role players in the Administration of Criminal Justice in Lagos State, nay, in Nigeria. Ajadi Elias has in his master piece “Citizen Wasiu and All of us – “Bail” in Criminal Justice System in Nigeria needs an Urgent Overhaul – Ellias Ajadi” made credible suggestions on what may be done to avert such either occurrences. I only wish to add the following posers:

Would Wasiu still be alive if his family members had shown up to perfect his bail conditions?

Would Wasiu be alive if the Prison Warders whom Wasiu was in their care had taken better charge of his safety?

Would Wasiu be alive if the courtroom had its electricity functioning and the windows were locked?

Would Wasiu be alive if the courtroom are built in such structure that would prevent an harzard like a deadly jump?

Is there something the Magistrate could have done differently?

Is Wasiu’s action beyond the ordinary?

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