We Appealed Case of Nigerian Girl Wrongly Jailed In Ivory Coast –FG


    The Federal Government said it has expressed its displeasure over Itunu Babalola’s death to the Ivorian authorities.

    The deceased was serving a 20-year jail term for alleged human trafficking when she went into a diabetic coma last Friday and died on Sunday.

    The incident sparked outrage among Nigerians who accused the FG of failing Babalola and her family.

    The deceased had reportedly accused an Ivorian of robbery at her residence.

    The accused, who happened to be related to an Ivorian policeman, reportedly asked her to drop the case, but she refused.

    After she filed charges using a different name, the case of robbery mysteriously turned to a case of human trafficking against Babalola.

    But the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement on Tuesday by its spokesman,  Mrs Esther Sunsuwa, said it had obtained legal representation for Babalola in order to appeal the judgment on her behalf as she had vehemently maintained her innocence.

    The statement titled, ‘Unfortunate demise of Becky Paul aka Miss Itunu Babalola,’ read, “We received with dismay news of the unfortunate demise of Miss Becky Paul, also known as Itunu Babalola, at the Military Hospital in Abidjan, on Sunday, November 14, 2021.

    “A report from our Mission in Abidjan indicates that Miss Babalola had been diagnosed with diabetes and went into a diabetic coma on Friday, November 12, 2021.

    “The ministry extends its deepest condolences to the family of the deceased on this unfortunate turn of events.

    “The ministry wishes to assure that the Federal Government has communicated to the government of Côte d’Ivoire its strong displeasure at this unfortunate and regrettable incident and will demand a full and comprehensive investigation of all the circumstances leading to her tragic demise.”

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