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My Grouse: AOO’s Supporters and Their Ungodly Harassment of Voters


I urgently need a direct line to Chief Arthur Obi Okafor (SAN)…

Yesterday, I was on my desk thinking of core professional issues when my phone beeped. It was a message from one of the acclaimed supporters of Chief Arthur Obi Okafor (SAN). In fact, I heard he is one of the Administrators (I really don’t know what is being administered). The reason for the engagement was to question the audacity I have to give a personal opinion on the present formation of the NBA Presidential Hopefuls which was published in my blog post titled “Between Teacher and Mazi: The Less You Look; The More You See…”

The “Administrator” quizzed me on my insensitivity to the aspirations of Chief Arthur Obi Okafor (SAN). He interrogated my moral standing as a lawyer who is a member of “The Legal Touchbearers 1, 2 and 3”. He concluded that the opinions I expressed in the blog post would undermine the candidacy of Chief Arthur Obi Okafor (SAN). At the end of the interrogations, he passed a verdict that “I am no longer worthy to remain in the “The Legal Touchbearers 1, 2 And 3”. I was deleted from the group and upon my exit, a public disclaimer was made in the groups against me and DNL Legal and Style.

To say I am surprised at the actions of the “Acclaimed Supporters” of AOO would be foolhardy. It would mean I have become clueless as to the realities of life. It would mean I have joined the “Acclaimed Supporters” of AOO in their fantasy land.

I would have ignored the action taken in that group because it really did’nt matter, but then, the world is a place of record. I wouldn’t have been fair on the ethos of DNL Legal and Style if this is not out on record.

Contrary to the misconceptions which beclouded the thoughts of the “Acclaimed Supporters” of AOO, DNL Legal and Style is not  a political blog set up to support the political aspirations of anyone. DNL Legal and Style is not and would not support any Presidential Aspirant in the 2018 NBA National Elections.

Just to assist the “Acclaimed Supporters” of AOO; DNL Legal and Style did a post on “Disunity in Unity Bar – Time Running Out on Mazi” taking a strong swipe at Mazi Afam Osigwe, nobody convulsed! Then came the post “NBA 2018 Election: The Power of the Incumbency” we spoke about the “permutations” and wondered why the present administration seem to have a soft spot for Paul Usoro (SAN).  If our dear “Acclaimed Supporters” of AOO saw what I said about AOO, they never showed it. After observing Teacher carefully I wrote ““When “Teacher” Decides to Lead Learned Men”. His people never disturbed my peace.

So I asked myself in retrospect, what was the essence of the disclaimer biko? To bully me? Hell no! I would continue to express my unbiased view when and howsoever I deem necessary with due regards to the ethics of the profession and absolute decorum.

Having stated the obvious fact which should have been clear to the “Acclaimed Supporters” of AOO” if they had taken some reasonable care to critically analyze the posts on DNL Legal and Style to arrive at an informed opinion, let me offer some education to the “Acclaimed Supporters” of AOO.

You really need to go for an intensive study on a few things. You need to be tutored on how to coordinate and strategize for an election. You need to study the mode of election now applicable at the National level of the NBA. You really need to wake up to the realities of what are the core issues at stake in the coming election. You need to think and rethink how to put your candidate in the consciousness of the people. Do not be deceived for a moment that everyone you were fortunate to stumble on their numbers and added to some WatsApp Groups (The Legal Touchbearers 1, 2 and 3) would vote for AOO on the D-Day. You need to be alive to constructive criticisms on your operations and candidate and you must be ready to give your pride a back seat to effectively deal with the criticisms.

You can actually get everyone on your side but first, stop the bullying, it won’t help AOO.

For now, may I urgently ask again for the direct line to the Gentle Giant! Chief Arthur Obi Okafor (SAN)…?

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