Who Get Right to Form Company for Naija?


For Naija, e get one ogbonge law wen dey in charge of company runs for Naija wen them dey call Companies and Allied Matters Act ( CAMA). Na this law go tell you as e dey go for how people for take run company for Nigeria.

SEC. 18 CAMA don talk say any two or plenty piple fit kom 2geda to form company and dis piple must follow wetin d law don yarn for ground as per the legit registration of the company.

Those wen nor get level to form company

Sec. 20 (CAMA) don bring list like list of noise makers for dose wen go akara school for Iyara. And dis list contain piple wen e be say dem no get level to form company for our Naija wen we dey so.

  1. Person wen neva reach eighteen years.
  2. Person wen don manyah or don craze kolo and court don find out say the person rily get scores for head.
  3. Person wen get big igbese for banks.
  4. Person wen dem don disqualify to be Director under Sec 254(CAMA).

Types of   company.

We get two types of company wen be private and public company.

  1. Private company na d one wen be say dem state am for their ogbonge law say na private company. Private company members nor dey pass fifty and dem nor dey transfer their shares anyhow. Na this type plenty for Naija pass.
  2. Public company Na oshofree company in the sense say more than fifty piple fit form am. Dem dey get shares and dem fit transfer shares.

Make you take note say if u wan register company, na Corporate Affairs Commission naim u go run go. U go first do wetin oyibo dey call NAME SEARCH to see if person don actually use d name wen u wan use for your company or your own name resemble d name wen anoda person don use take register company. After Corporate Affairs don approve name for u den u fit  to dey fill their many many white paper. If the paper wen u don fill with ur particular nor get k-leg, dem go issue u certificate sharp sharp.

Oweh Anthony na Lagos Lawyer wey sabi.

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