Oga Lawyer Series: Rights Wen Person Get if Olopa Gbab Am go Their Korofo Yard


My dear piple, oga Lawyer don show again ooo. I beg una well- well for the long break. Nor be me cause am, Na hungry guys wen wipe my tab and happy for Ojodu area for Lasgidi. But thank Baba God say I don bounce back fit and proper. Man deveh is a liar.

E dey very sad say wen korofo gbab some piple go  their yard, dem go just dey mope like mushi- mushi- becos dem nor no their right. Just on Monday wen don waka, one Olopa with uniform wen don tear for agada just dey oppress one baby Oku for their korofo zone and she nearly piss for pant becos she nor wise and she nor dey informed. But thank God say her younger sista wen be sabi Lawya just fly enter the background like Jet Li na so korofo just shock-in like one corner dance. So based on dis simple logistics and onto say my kidney dey function wella, naim make I dey write on dis topic today.

E go good make you know the following:

  1. Section 35(2) of our Ogbonge Law wen be 1999 Constitution, don yarn say any person wen dem arrest or throway for cell get right to bell- up him mouth or avoid to answer any aproko gist until he don run tins wit him Lawyer or any person he gbadu wella.
  1. The person get right to get Lawyer wen go stand by am if Olopa dey ask am question for station or dem dey take he statement.
  1. Section 35(3) of our Constitution yarn say any person wen dem arrest must know d reason wen dem arrest for paper and for language wen he fit catch up wit.
  1. E dey wrong for police to chain person wen dem arrest except say Na court naim give dem d go front to do am.
  1. If Olopa gbab person, d person nor suppose sleep for their yard pass one day. Police suppose move the person go court quick quick.
  1. Person wen dey Olopa fishing net get right to bail if dem nor quick carry am go court.
  1. Person wen dey Olopa fishing net nor be prisoner or Awaiting- Trial. He just dey police net until korofo finish all their amebo wen dem wan do. And so dis Kain person get right to stay for beta cell wen dey good for normal human being with fresh air and even eat beta amala nd ewedu. E just dey pain me say dis nor be d situation for our country today. If u visit Olopa zone , Na so so bad odour wen fit kpuff person naim u go dey perceive.
  1. Every person wen dem arrest get right to enouf time to take prepare him defence if the mata vamus enter court. This Kain person also get right to know the charge wen dem bring against am.

My dear people , nor dey carry dey form mugu anytime Olopa hold you. Try to challenge dem. And how u go take challenge dem na wen u know your right. Try to hold the Constitution as your second Bible so that nobody go use you take do yeye.

See you next week….

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