Who Be My Neighbour for inside Law (Neighbour Principle)?


On Sunday morning after I finish from mass for  one ogbonge big church for Falomo, inside Lagos,  I say make I go greet one correct buka owner wey be my friend. As I reach there, I come dey gist with the woman and we come talk reach for who be your neighbour. I come ask am  say madam yeeee na who be your neighbour self? This woman just cut rope follow me oooo. She say Oga Lawya which kain odoryor question na you dey ask me this early morning, you  nor get sense say neighbour na person wen dey follow you stay for the same yard?  No be only this my buka friend waka come for this kind thinking o. Plenty people dey wey be say the only person wey be their neighour wey them know na the yard people. As them comot for their compound, leave yard people, neighbour don finish be that o.

Na this one make us come think say e go good make we chook eye for this one wey them call neighbour for inside law matter.

For inside law, e get wetin them dey call ‘neighbour principle’. That one mean say person suppose take care (oyibo dey call am “reasonable care”) make e for avoid any do or no do wey im no say common sense suppose tell am say e fit cause injury to another person. Once you don dey come get person wey your do or no do go cause injury to, that person na your neighbour.

Therefore, your neighbour fit be person wey you just meet for road or the one wey if you do anyhow, you go injure am no matter where una take jam. So, you must to take wetin oyibo dey call REASONABLE CARE to protect any body wen you come in contact with for your day to day life.

This neighbour level  don tay well well for this life because e come be like say na baba God range am self. If you check for inside bible, for Old Testament story of Cain and Abel dey there. For New Testament, story of Good Samaritan dey there. Whichever way, you take look am,  the level be say you suppose get wetin  Oyibo dey call  ‘ Foresight’. Everybody must to get dis foresight to know say anoda person go dey affected by anything wen them do.

  1. Person wen dey drive moto must get sence say nor be only him dey the road and so he must know say other people dey drive for the road and people dey use leg waka too.
  2. You wen dey run mama- put or buka must take care to wash your food well well before u sell am becos na human being dey eat the food.
  3. Those wen dey produce mineral, local highness and normal gorzzle must take beta care to check their level before dem sell am to customers.

I beg make we try to dey careful for our everyday runs because if you injure your neighbour and law come find out say you no take care and you suppose know say wetin you do go injure am, you do enter trouble be that o. So therefor, anybody wey be your neighour, you owe am duty of care.

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